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Okay, so theses funky little Qr codes are showing up everywhere these day, so should it really come as a surprise that there are some printed on condom wrappers? Probably not, but what may come as a bit of a shock is why they are there… no, they don’t take you to a tutorial on how to use them, or a website touting the efficacy of using condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases, all valid ideas. Nope, these QR codes let you track where you did it…

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Spesifikasi Blackberry Keyone

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Oppo R9s Plus Bakal Dilancarkan Di Malaysia

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Kapasiti Keseluruhan Muat Turun Untuk Sesebuah Talian Selular 5G Mesti Sekurang-kurangnya 20Gbps Mengikut

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Robi - Teman Robotik Interaktif Yang Mahir 3 Bahasa

16,781,898otal Views, 950iews Today Robi – Teman Robotik Interaktif Yang Mahir 3 Bahasa Bakal Datang

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Sony Dedahkan Kad Sd Paling Pantas Di Dunia, Sf-g Series Uhs-ii

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