Malaysia: #tsdayout 2016 Discover Selangor

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TSDayOut Is A Programme By Tourism Selangor, A Tourism Body For The State Of Selangor In Malaysia, In Which Bloggers, Social Media Influencers And Even Traditional Media Personnel Can Join On A Day Out To Explore And Discover Selangor. This Programme Has Been In Place For A Few Years Already, With Several Trips Were To Places Some Might Have Never Heard Of, While Some Other Trips Could Be To Popular Destinations In The State. Through TSDayOut With Tourism Selangor However, Unlike When We Pay A Visit On Our Own, Participants Might Get The Chance To Have An All-access And Get Invited To Go And See Behind The Scene Activities At Those Popular Places – Giving Them A Valuable And Unforgettable Experience Indeed. This Is What Appeals Most To Bloggers And Social Media Influencers, Yours Truly Included, So One Can Imagine My Excitement When I Found Out About TSDayOut 2016’s Destinations, Which Are: Paya Indah Wetlands - A Place I’ve Hardly Heard Of Before And Have Never Been To (and Had

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Tips Melancong Di Dalam Negara Yang Menguntungkan

Petuaseharian.blogspot.comMalaysia Pun 'best' Hilai Tawa Si Kecil Saat Bermain Pasir Di Tepi Pantai

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Kinabalu Climbathon 2016: Sejuk, Seronok, Mencabar.

Boleh Sahaja Saya Pos Gambar-gambar Di Facebook Secara Direct, But I Will Blog This Shit (oh

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5 Penginapan Leisure Farm Di Taiwan Yang Boleh Anda Cuba

Penginapan Leisure Farm Di Taiwan. Jika Selama Ini, Taiwan Hanya Dikenali Kerana Bandaraya Taipei Yang


Konvoi Kembara Media Felcra Berhad - 50 Tahun Memfenomenakan Pembangunan Felcra

Konvoi Kembara Media FELCRA Berhad - 50 Tahun Memfenomenakan Pembangunan FELCRA 00:25:00 Rafzan Tomomi

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Binmuhammad: Sunway Hotel Penginapan Terbaik Di Lembah Klang

Sunway Hotel; Tempat Penginapan Terbaik Di Lembah Klang Terdapateberapa Buah Sunway Hotel Di Negara

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