Malaysia: Top Things To Do And See In Melaka - With Some Historical Fun Facts

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Melaka, A State In The Peninsular Malaysia, Lies Less Than 150 Km South Of Kuala Lumpur, The Capital Of Malaysia. Its Location, Together With Easy Access Via Highway And Public Transportation (express Bus Service Plies The Route Frequently Throughout The Day), Makes It An Easy Day Trip From Kuala Lumpur. While Many Usually Opt For A Day Trip, I Personally Would Recommend At Least An Overnight Stay In This UNESCO World Heritage City To Do It Any Justice. For This Instalment Of “Top Things To Do And See In…” With A Local Perspective, Ramble And Wander Has Invited Kathleen (or Kat) Of Kat Pegi Mana (Where Is Kat Going), A Malaysian Travel Blogger Who's Born And Bred In Melaka, To Share Her List Of Things To Do And See When Visiting Her Hometown. - - - - - I Have Always Loved History And Excelled In History Lessons In School. Therefore Historical Dates Come Easily To Me. I Still Remember 15 April 1989. That Was The Date When My Hometown, Melaka (or Malacca) Was Declared A Historical

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