Indonesia: Exploring Kota Tua, Jakarta’s Old City

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People Say, "Old Is Gold". This Couldn't Be More True In Kota Tua (literally "Old City" In Indonesian) In Jakarta, Indonesia. Located In The Western Part Of Jakarta, It Is Home To The City’s Only Surviving Old Town Area. And This Is Probably One Of The Reasons Why I Love Kota Tua The Most Out Of My Recommendations For Top Things To Do And See In Jakarta. Old Colonial Buildings & A Historic Bridge, Museums, Good Food, A Laid Back & Surprisingly Photogenic Old Port, What More Could I Ask For? A Trip To Kota Tua Would Probably Start At Its Centre Point, With The Imposing Fatahillah Museum (or More Commonly Known As Jakarta History Museum), Converted From An Old Batavia Office Building That Overlooks The Main Square. A Visit To The Museum Is A Must But Personally, I Enjoyed The Smaller Wayang Museum, Which Is Located Almost Adjacent To It, Better. Wayang Museum Showcases The History And Variety Of Shadow Plays And Puppets, A Tradition And Culture That Are Shared Throughout The Region

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