What Islam Forbids

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Blogtunm.blogspot.com Tun M1. Islam Forbids Carvings Of Statues Of Men And Animals. At One Time Painted Portraits Of Such Were Also Forbidden. The Turkish Caliphs Used To Have Their Portraits Painted But They Were Hidden From The Public. 2. But Now With The Advances In Photography It Is Impossible For Muslims To Ban Photographic Pictures Of Men And Animals. Certain Ulamas Declared That Still Pictures May Be Exempted But Not Moving Pictures. But Now The Pictures Move And Speak. Muslims Now Just Ignore The Breaches In The Rule Against Painted Or Photographed Portraits, Moving Or Speaking. Even The Religious Scholars Now Have Their Pictures Taken. 3. But Many Draw A Line With Regard To Carvings And Sculpture Of Men And Animals. The Early Muslims Used To Disfigure The Faces Of Some Of The Statues They Found In The Lands They Expanded Into. But For A Very Long Time The Statues Were Not Defaced. It Is Only Lately That Many Of These Carvings Were Destroyed. 4. In Egypt Not Only Are Most Of The

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Anak Yang Menjaga Ibubapa Ketika Tua

Sekadar Renungan Buat Mereka Yang Ada Anak Menduduki Peperiksaan. "Saya Ada 4 Orang Anak. Semua Berjaya

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Ada Sahabat Macam.........

_*Ada Sahabat...* Dia Macam Garam. Nampak Kecik. Harga Pun Murah Je Macam Takde Nilai Sangat. Tapi,

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Bagaimana Urusniaga Emas Dan Perak Patuh Syariah

Bagaimana Urusniaga Emas Patuh Syariah Bagaimana Cara Dan Syarat Urusniaga Jual Beli Emas Dan Perak