Who Is Malaysian Official 1

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WHO IS MO1 Blogtunm.blogspot.com Tun M1. It Is Interesting To Note The Admission ByMNOinisterbdul Rahman Dahlanhat “MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1” In The Report By Theepartment Of JusticeDOJ), Thenited States Of Americas Obviouslyato Sri Najibherime Minister Of Malaysia. 2. Now What Does The DoJ Say About MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 I.e. Aboutajibhe Malaysian Prime Minister. I. On Page 13 Para 39 The Report Says, “Upon Its Formation, MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 I.e.ato Sri Najibssumed A Position Of Authority WithMDB. MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 (Najib) Had The Authority To Approve All Appointments To, And Removals From,MDB’s Board Of Directors AndMDB’s Senior Management Team. In Addition, Any Financial Commitments ByMDB, Including Investments, That Were Likely To Affect A Guarantee Given By The Government Of Malaysia For The Benefit OfMDBr Any Policy Of The Malaysian Government Required. The Approval Of MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 I.e. Najib.” II. Page 17 Para 50. “A Special Meeting Of 1MDB Board Was Held On

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Nazri Aziz

Blogtunm.blogspot.com Tun M1. Nazri Mencabar Saya Supaya Bertanding Di Kawasan Padang Rengas Yang Ia

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Mahathir Running Down Nation

Blogtunm.blogspot.com Tun M1. The Aide To The Prime Minister Says I Have Run Down The Nation With My

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Pergerakan Puteri Umno Anjurkan Misi Bantuan Gelandangan

16,775,014otal Views, 1,151iews Today Pergerakan Puteri UMNO Anjurkan Misi Bantuan Gelandangan Di Ibu

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Denyutan Kota Raya “misi Bantuan Gelandangan”

Home Filem Muzik Anugerah Panas Program TV Konsert Denyutan Kota Raya “MISI BANTUAN GELANDANGAN”

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Umno Sebagai Pengkhianat

Blogtunm.blogspot.com Tun M1. Apabila Muhyiddin Mengaku Bahawa UMNO Dan BN Telah Membangun Dan Memaju

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