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Nanotechnology Nanotechnology Nanotechnology Nanotechnology Is One Of The Most Rapidly Developing Technologies And It Could Become The Most Influence Force On Technology In This New Era. The Technical Issues On Nanotechnology Such As Safety, Toxicity And Environment Impact Can Be Addressed Through Risk Analysis, Scientific Experimentation And Regulation But The Religious Issues Across The Religions Are More Difficult To Address. Religious Dimensions Of Nanotechnology Must Be Addressed Due To What Extent Pursuing These Technologies Can Work As Well As Potential Benefits And Harmfulness. Furthermore, When Religious People Relate Nanotechnology With Transhumanism, This Raises A Challenging Pair Of Questions. First, Does Nanotechnology Have A Purpose, A Meaning, And A Set Of Its Own Values That Are Different From Those Of Transhumanism? Second, Should It Have Such A Separation From Transhumanism? The Contemporary Meaning Of The Term Transhumanism Was Foreshadowed By One Of The First Professors

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Amd Bakal Lancarkan Pemprosesan 32 Teras Zen Untuk Pelayan

Pada CES 2017 Yang Lalu, AMD Telah Melancarkan Cip Pemprosesan Zen Pertama Untuk PC Dan Ia Dinamakan

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Gigabyte Dedahkan Kad Grafik Bawah Jenama Aorus, Gtx 1080 Xtreme Edition

Gigabyte Baru-baru Ini Telah Mendedahkan Kad Grafik Di Bawah Jenama Aorus,eForce GTX 1080 Xtreme Edition

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Super Mario Run Akan Hadir Ke Android Mac Ini

Super Mario Run, Usaha Pertama Nintendo Di Dalam Arena Permainanelefon Pintar Akan Hadir Ke Peranti

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Microsoft Anggap Windows 7 Sudah Lapuk, Gesa Pengguna Beralih Ke Windows 10

Microsoft Pada Isnin Lalu Mengingatkan Kepada Pengguna Windows 7 Bahawa Sokongan Yang Dapat Diberikan

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Dell Xps 15 Dengan Processor Intel Kaby Lake Dan Gtx 1050 Kini Hadir Ke Malaysia

Dell Baru-baru Ini Membawakan Laptop Model Terbaru Ke Pasaran Malaysia, XPS 15 Seiring Dengan Pelancaran