Climate Change

Farihan via Tun M1. We Now Admit That The Climate Is Changing. But We Must Also Be Aware That The So-called Natural Disasters Are Happening More Frequently, And Are More Violent. And These Cataclysms Are Happening In More Places Than Before. 2. We See Floods In New York, Tsunamis In Sumatera And Fukushima, Non-active Volcanoes Erupting, Repeated Volcanic Eruptions In The Same Location, Prolonged Winters, High Temperatures For Months In Many Countries, Tornadoes Which Wreck Whole Countries, Typhoons Of Unprecedented Strength And Huge Forest Fires Which Consume Parts Of Towns. 3. Is It Just Climate Change Which We Hope Will Come To An End. Can We Expect To Go Back To The Years When The Weather Behaves In Predictable Cycles, I.e In The Regularity Of The Seasons, The Levels Of The Seas, The Rise And Fall Of The Tides, And The Habitability Of This Planet We Call Earth. 4. We Now Accept That The Earth Is Much Older Than We Use To Think. We Also Know That It Was Not Always Like What

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Niat Puasa Isnin Dan Khamis Serta Hadist Mengenaiya

Oleh Nursyarifah Syed Putera Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Bagikan : Tweet Niat Puasa Isnin Dan Khamis

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Nasihat Nabi Khidir As Kepada Nabi Musa As

Oleh Nursyarifah Syed Putera Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Bagikan : Tweet Nasihat Nabi Khidir As Kepada

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Doa Murah Rezeki

Moga Lepas Ni Makin Bertambah Rezeki Kita Semua.. Aminnn ♥Like , Tweet And G Peliss ! ♥ Tweet

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Siratulmustaqim Di Akhirat

Oleh Nursyarifah Syed Putera Tuesday, October 18, 2016 Bagikan : Tweet Mengenai Siratulmustaqim Saya

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Amalan 10 Ayat Surah Al-kahfi Dan Doa Pelindungan Dari Fitnah Dajjal

Oleh Nur Syarifah Friday, October 14, 2016 Bagikan : Tweet Amalan 10 Ayat Surah Al-Kahfi Dan Doa Pelindungan

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