How To Be A Superhero

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In Western, They Have Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Marvel's Agent And Etc While In Malaysia We Also Have Our Own Superhero; Keluang Man, Cicak Man, Boboiboy And Etc But Do You Ever Wondering, You Also Can Be A SUPERHERO! I Have Been A Superhero Since 2012 And I Am Proud As I Had Save Maybe 15 Lives So Far. Who Am I? Tadaa... Yes! I Am A SUPERHERO. I Donated My Blood And Save Lives. ...and Yes!, I Have Been A Superhero Since 2012 I Started Having A Courage To Donate My Blood When I Was In Matriculation In Johore But During That Time, There Were Too Many People Donating And The Tube For Storing Blood Were Out Of Stock, So They Re-schedule To Bring Those Who Missed To The Hospital But I Skipped Cause I Saw Lot Of Other Students Fainted After Done Donating.... Hehe... I Am Such A Coward. Then, In 2012, I Attended NSARA Program; "Tun M Unplugged" And Met Some Of My Fellow Ansarians.venthough, We Graduated In Different Years And Different MRSM But Still That Won't Prevent Us To Become A Friend

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Cara Mencapai Kebebasan Kewangan

Cara Mencapai Kebebasan KewanganCara Mencapai Kebebasan Kewangan Melalui Teori Cashflow Quadrant Robert

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Steamboat Murah Di Shah Alam

Buat Penggemar Steamboat Terutamanya Yang Duduk Di Shah Alam Dan Kawasan Sekitar Mesti Mencari Steamboat

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J.b. Development Tun M1. I Don’t Know If It Is True About HRH The Sultan Of Johore Is Throwing

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Kerja Dari Rumah Dengan Ilancee

Kerja Dari Rumah Dengan ILancee. Siapa Yang Mahu Buat Kerja Dari Rumah Sahaja, Dan Jana Pendapatan Sampingan

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Retirement Tun M1. Some People Seem To Be Annoyed That A 90 Man Is Not Doing The Natural

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