Rm 860 000

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RM 860,000..... Looking At The Figures, My Eyes Almost Popped Out... No.. Just Kidding. My First Thought When First Time Looking At This Letter Which Was Sent To My Sister "Did She Just Hit The Jackpot?". Too Good To Be True, The Figures Shown Just A Lure. When Reading Every Sentences On The Letter, The RM 860,000 Figures Suddenly Vanished From My Head. All I Thought Is "How Many People Got Lure?" I Am Not Saying This Is A BS Or Trolling Because Reader Digest Had Been My Favourite Knowledgeable Mini Magazine When I Was A Teenager.... But It's Getting Kinda Annoying, When I Checked Our Mailbox, It Was Full With This Letters And It Was Not Just Our Mailbox, Our Neighbours Also Got The Same Letters, Not One Or Two But Many And It Keeps Coming. If You Notice The Sentences Above, It Says It All.. Say YES... Then; PAY.... Then; Your Road To Reach The RM 585, 000 Will Be On The Way. But... I Am Sorry Reader Digest, I Just Say NO.. :)

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Minat Dan Kecenderungan Berubah Seiring Masa

Setiap Orang Pasti Akan Melalui Suatu Fasa Iaitu Fasa Perubahan Dalam Kehidupan. Perubahan Rutin Hidup

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Menangani Sindrom Takut Pada Penolakan

Penolakan, Atau Rejection. Penolakan Itu Adalah Suatu Yang Menyakitkan. Penolakan Tidak Pernah Menyenangkan

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Dunia Ini Bulat Dan Bila Kau Berada Di Bawah

Dulu Kita Selalu Dengar Kata Orang Dulu-dulu Kala, Yang Dunia Ini Bulat, Kadang Tu Kita Berada Di Atas

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Lelaki Di Mata Kaum Wanita Dan Sebaliknya

Sudah Menjadi Sifat Manusia Suka Pada Perkara Yang Cantik Dan Tidak Suka Pada Perkara Yang Tidak Cantik

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Mertua! Jangan Suka Masuk Campur & Jangan Pula Tidak Peduli Langsung


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